Update Job Duties/Responsibilities

This action should be used for changes to employee’s job description, including the following:

  • Reclassifications
  • Career Progressions
  • Addition of Permanent or Interim Duties
  • Job Description updates
  • Disaster Designations
  • Title Changes

Other pay rate changes that do not include changes to the position description should be processed using Change Rate of Pay.

To determine whether a position change qualifies for a reclassification or requires a job posting, please review the Recruitment & Selection policy.

Required Documentation

Reclassifications, Career Progressions, and addition of significant, permanent duties require a detailed justification, the completion of the Salary Adjustment and Reclassification Request for Approval (including the required documentation listed on page 2), and OHR Compensation approval on the HRA request.

Employees assuming interim job responsibilities should have an updated job description to reflect the change in duties.

The OAA Position Template needs to be attached to the HRA request for changes to an employee’s position description.

A salary notification letter must be sent to the employee confirming the change and new salary and attached to the HRA request for audit documentation. Please run report to include the new position description (report in BI Publisher) to the new employee along with the salary letter, when appropriate.

Approval and Processing

The service center will send requests to OHR Compensation for Ad Hoc approval when required. The OAA assigned Compensation analyst may reach out directly to the requesting department with questions regarding the request. The service center HR Specialists will send a notification once Compensation approval has been received, and will be able to make any necessary changes prior to Final Approval and sending on for entry.

Changes that require position description or data updates and a pay rate change will be updated in a two part process. Position description changes require OHR Compensation approval in PeopleSoft before the data will load to an employee’s job record for further updates. The service center HR Associates will send a notification once OHR has approved the position entry in PeopleSoft, and at that time the new description can be pulled using the BI Publisher report.

The service center will determine the correct action/reason based on all information provided, and will communicate with the department if it is different than the information requested in the justification (e.g. Career Progression vs. Reclassification Promotion due to no change in job code/pay range).

Please see the OAA Payroll & Transaction Calendar for submission deadlines by pay period. Changes to CCS classifications will require a letter to the employee by OHR Compensation, which will require an additional two week processing period before the change may be effective.