Altaf Wani

Professor Emeritus of Radiology

Dr. Wani is highly active in basic and applied research, exhaustively exploring and developing newer paradigms in the realm of molecular oncology, and dissemination of the latest and evolving concepts in the class room setting as well as diverse national and international forums. Over the years, Wani lab has primarily delved in understanding the nature and repercussions of deleterious interactions of xenobiotics and the genome, trace the individual and coordinated response events in diverse normal as well as cancer cells and most importantly delineate the underlying mechanistic basis of their role in disease pathogenesis. His work continues to dissect the processing of genomic lesions and unravel the cross-talk among closely related network of pathways with the aim of developing intervention strategies for disease elimination. Dr. Wani devotes considerable effort in mentoring younger students and scientists as well as serving the global scientific enterprise at multiple levels.