A message from provost McPheron about working with students on accommodations

From the Provost — February 11, 2021

Working with students on accommodations

Dear Colleagues, 

As part of our commitment to advance an inclusive, diverse and supportive climate on our campuses, we are writing today to share resources that will help instructors establish a welcoming atmosphere and build an effective process for supporting the needs of students with disabilities. 

Every Buckeye should be empowered to fulfill their potential inside and outside the classroom, and the way in which Ohio State supports students with disabilities should reflect this spirit. Providing accommodations is more than a compliance issue but rather part of our university’s core values. 

More than 4,000 students at Ohio State have disclosed a disability. Yet surveys of the Columbus campus reveal that students with disabilities continue to report a lower sense of belonging and acceptance than students without disabilities. We must do better. 

To better support our students when they request academic accommodations, Student Life Disability Services and the ADA Coordinator’s Office, a unit of the Office of Institutional Equity, have developed the Beyond Compliance Toolkit. This online resource offers a selection of articles and videos that can help the university community challenge stereotypes and foster a culture of inclusion.

We ask that you share this information with instructors of all levels in your college or unit — faculty, GTAs and staff. For your convenience, we have provided a sample message that can be used as the basis of your communication. Feel free to modify it as you see fit. 

Thank you for your support and action in enhancing the student experience for those with disabilities. 


Bruce A. McPheron, PhD
Executive Vice President and Provost 

Melissa S. Shivers, PhD 
Senior Vice President for Student Life