Annual OSEP Awards

Annual OSEP Awards

In 2017, The Ohio State University and Ohio State Energy Partners (OSEP) entered into a comprehensive energy management partnership, launching an unprecedented energy efficiency program and establishing the university as an international leader in sustainability.

As part of its commitment to academic collaboration, OSEP will contribute $810,000 annually to the university or affiliated philanthropic causes. Working with OSEP, the Energy Academic Collaboration Council (EACC) will engage Ohio State faculty, staff and students through a request for proposals to advance important university priorities and promote interdisciplinary and community collaboration.

Areas of Focus

Priority will be given to proposals that align with one or more of the following areas of focus:

Health and Well-Being
Successful proposals in the health and well-being category will align with the university's wellness strategic plan. Proposals should 1) support the testing of interventions that improve health and well-being among faculty, staff and/or students in the priority areas of mental health, diabetes and obesity; or 2) support the scaling of evidence-based programs that address depression and/or anxiety.

Leadership and Professional Development
Successful proposals in this category will align with the university's strategic plan. Proposals should 1) support programs or initiatives that strengthen leadership competencies of our faculty, staff and/or students; or 2) focus on sharing of best practices or new knowledge through the organization and production of conferences or symposia led and/or convened by Ohio State faculty, staff and/or students. Proposals for support of individual travel to conferences will not be funded.

Sustainability Programs
Successful proposals will align with the university's sustainability goals and support either 1) the continuation of successful initiatives or 2) the development and/or implementation of new programs.

Arts and Humanities
Successful proposals will align with the university's strategic plan and support programs or initiatives in the visual and performing arts or in the humanities disciplines at large.

Funding Levels and Eligibility

  • Awards between $10,000 and $50,000 will be given to select proposals. Multi-year funding for up to 3 years will only be considered if compelling circumstances are documented.
  • The four focus areas above have equal priority and it is expected that funding awards will be approximately equal across these four areas.
  • Proposals for programs and initiatives that align with one or more of the priority areas of focus are eligible for consideration.
  • Proposals must be submitted by an active member of the Ohio State faculty, staff or student body. If a proposal is from a student, a letter of support from an advisor is required.
  • Proposals that focus on coal energy or on political advocacy are not encouraged.

Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center
            $8,000             WestFest

Center for Automotive Research
            $30,000           Student experiential learning programs

College of Engineering
            $2,000             Engineering Recharge Retreat
            $50,000           Women in Engineering

College of Social Work
            $10,000           LiFEsports Youth Leadership Academy

Department of Dance
            $10,000           National dance collaboration

Department of English
            $24,000           Scholarly research database

Fisher College of Business
            $30,000           Distinguished teacher fellows
            $30,000           Staff and faculty recognition awards

Kirwan Institute and Moritz College of Law
            $70,000           Virtual toolkit for community resilience

Office of Academic Affairs
            $200,000         Campus Student Sustainability Challenge

Office of Diversity and Inclusion
            $50,000           Create Education Abroad Access and Affordability Initiative

Office of Outreach and Engagement
            $900               Community Engagement Conference

Ohio State ADVANCE and Office of Research
            $50,000           REACH for Commercialization

School of Earth Sciences
            $24,000           Mirror Lake Water Science Learning Lab

School of Environment and Natural Resources
            $10,000           Campus bike parking at Kottman Hall
            $80,000           Ohio State forest research

School of Music
            $13,500           Music and Science Colloquium and Teaching Seminar

Institute for Materials Research
            $10,000           Annual Materials Week conference

Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory
            $70,000           Waterman Farm sustainable food-waste disposal

            $25,000           WOSU

Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center

            $25,000          Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center

College of Arts and Sciences

            $50,000          Arts and Humanities

            $10,000          Ottoman and Turkish History Lesson Series

College of Engineering

            $50,000          Women in Engineering Program

Fisher College of Business

            $30,000          Distinguished Teaching Fellows

            $30,000          Distinguished Staff and Faculty Recognition Awards

Institute for Materials Research

            $10,000          OSU Materials Week

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

            $50,000          Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Office of Energy and Environment

            $25,000          2018 Climate Engagement Forums

Office of Research

            $100,000       OSEP Research Seed Grant Fund in support of sustainable energy collaborations

Office of Student Life

            $50,000          Collegiate Recovery Community

            $20,000          Women on Fire Retreat

            $50,000          Undergraduate Student Government Sustainability Committee

            $50,000          Student Projects Fund for energy projects that engage Undergraduates

            $60,000          Support for sustainability-related Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional student organizations

School of Environment and Natural Resources

            $50,000          Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability (EEDS) Program

The STEAM Factory

            $50,000          The STEAM Factory

University Libraries

            $100,000       Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum


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Application Instructions

The next application cycle will open on November 15, 2019. Please check back then to submit your proposal through the online portal.