Strategic Planning

Unit-Level Strategic Planning

Guiding Principles

  1. Unit-level strategic planning is aligned with and supports the university's Shared Values, vision, mission and the Academic Plan.
  2. The Office of Academic Affairs stewards unit-level strategic planning for the university.
  3. Colleges, regional campuses, and vice presidential units will have strategic plans.
  4. Each strategic plan will include measures that demonstrate progress toward the unit’s goals.
  5. Every college and vice presidential unit will make a version of its strategic plan publicly available.
  6. Plan progress will be an element of deans' and vice presidents' annual and reappointment reviews.
  7. Plans will be reviewed regularly and updated as need be.
  8. When there is a change in the leadership of a unit, the new leader, in collaboration with the unit, will reaffirm the strategic plan or revise it as needed.
  9. The strategic planning process will be linked to periodic external programmatic/academic unit reviews and accreditation efforts.


Vice President for Budget and Resource Management

Brad Harris

Executive Assistant

Katie Reed