Academic Unit Review

The review of an academic unit (a department, school or college) is an evidence-based, improvement-oriented effort to identify unit-level strengths, issues, and steps to advance its strategic goals. Reviews are conducted on an eight-year cycle for departments or schools and a ten-year cycle for colleges that are a single TIU. They are a collaboration of the unit, its college, and the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA). The review includes all research areas; undergraduate, graduate and professional academic programs; and outreach and engagement efforts.

The following activities, described in greater detail in the documents below, comprise an academic unit review:

  1. The unit writes a self-study.
  2. An external review team visits and provides an informal and formal report.
  3. The unit writes a plan of action, confirmed by the college and OAA.


Associate Director of Institutional Research and Planning

Jay V. Johnson

Senior Vice Provost

Kay N. Wolf