2024 Assessment Conference

Assessment Conference and Series 2024-25

Next level assessment: Taking assessment to new heights

Sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs

September 20, 2024

This year's conference will be held in-person at The Blackwell on September 20. Our theme is Next level assessment - taking assessment to new heights. 

This year’s conference will take your assessment practices to “new heights” through in-depth sessions on a variety of topics, from new software tools to graduate program assessment. A highlight of this year’s conference will be the assessment of the transfer student experience, including the general education curriculum, program completion, and next steps in accreditation.

Regsiter for the 2024 Assessment Conference

Intended Takeaways

  1. Learn

    Learn about the latest tools and assessment strategies employed by experts at Ohio State. 

  2. Connect

    Build relationships with colleagues across the university working on assessment.

  3. Engage

    Continue conversations around assessment in the coming weeks and months.