Centers and Institutes

Centers and Institutes

Academic centers are non-degree granting educational units of the university engaged in research; instruction; or clinical, outreach, or related service. An academic center is defined by its mission and scope, not its title, and while they may be described as a center, institute, laboratory, or similar term, the terms “center” and “institute” shall be limited to academic centers, unless otherwise approved by the Council on Academic Affairs.

The creation and administration of centers and institutes is governed by Chapter 3335-3-36 of the Faculty Rules. The Office of Academic Affairs maintains a list of all centers and institutes across the university, set into the following categories.

University Centers

A substantial research/scholarship component is common to the missions of official university centers, but they may also involve instruction or related service. Their internal funding (initial and continuing) is drawn fully, or in large part, from central university funds (i.e. Office of the President, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Research, etc.). The leadership of the center reports to one or more of those offices.

College Centers

A variable mix of emphases including research/scholarship, instruction, service, clinical or outreach missions define college centers. Internal funding (initial and continuing) is drawn fully, or in large part, from one college or a small set of colleges. The leadership of the center will report to one dean or a small set of deans.

Other Academic Centers

Centers whose missions focus on academic-focused activities but do not fall into university or college categories.

Non-Academic Centers

Non-academic centers are those “centers” where the primary purpose generally is not instruction, research or related service.


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