Academic Organization, Curriculum, and Assessment Handbook

Academic Organization, Curriculum, and Assessment Handbook 2016-2017

This is the most current edition of the Academic Organization and Curriculum Handbook.  It contains information about the Council on Academic Affairs (CAA), university organization, and academic programs, courses, and curricula.

Appendix E

Retirement of Academic Programs

When a unit submits a proposal to retire an academic program, the request should be accompanied with a proposal for managing any students currently enrolled in the program.  Once program retirement is approved, students will no longer be admitted to the program.  Units may designate a length of time that the program will remain “open” for enrollment by students who are already admitted and currently enrolled.  If an alternative timeline is not proposed by the unit, the standard timeline for closure will be used including 4 years for undergraduate programs, 3 years for masters programs, and 7 years for PhD programs.  All dates will be calculated from the end of the academic year in which the program retirement was approved.